Brooks Enterprises and Consultants, LLC is a leading woman owned leadership and career focused firm dedicated to fostering and developing strong diverse leaders in both the public and private sectors.

Established in 2012, we concentrate on all aspects of personal and professional development to build and enhance skill sets through proven programs and assessments. Whether an organization or individual is interested in achieving work/life balance, creating personal branding, interviewing, emotional intelligence, or cultivating communication skills for their employees or themselves, Brooks has a systematic and incisive approach to accommodate each individual’s and company’s needs.

Our training programs are designed to ensure each client receives the requisite skills to succeed. We offer a wide variety of classes for managers and personnel at all levels in their careers: whether they are novices or well-established in their respective fields, we have the flexibility and knowledge to help them reach their goals.

Our modules are delivered through experienced and highly credentialed personnel committed to every leader’s lasting legacy of success. Offerings include comprehensive training in all facets of corporate and entrepreneurial leadership including such areas as conflict management, time and change management, diversity and globalization matters, personal and organizational wellness, emotional intelligence and much more. We recognize that a holistic approach is beneficial and necessary to not only succeed but thrive in today’s fast–paced work environments.  Our dedication to assisting companies develop their talent and helping them in their career paths evolved out of the principals’ extensive combined experience in the corporate and entrepreneurial arenas. To this end, we offer onsite, online and virtual classes.

For the past 4 years, Brooks Enterprise and Consultants and our consultants have worked with managers, leaders and business owners in various industries including education, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, government and non-profit.  All of consultants hold Bachelor degrees and most hold advanced degrees in a variety of fields including Psychology, Organizational Leadership and Education. Two of our consultants are certified career coaches and one is a Certified Resume Writer. Furthermore, our consultants have over 50 years of counseling, training and coaching experience and have worked with clients in various fields.

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We believe that every person deserves to be happy and healthy.

We believe that happy and healthy people thrive in environments where they are living their purpose.

We believe that groups, companies and organizations build cultures of loyalty, trust and support when they encourage personal and professional development.

We believe that individuals, groups, companies and organizations thrive by supporting the community where they live, work and play.


Assisting people in identifying their life purpose and abilities.

Providing information and teaching the skills necessary for living a happy, healthy and vibrant life.

Assisting companies in developing a clear vision and compelling business purpose to create the culture needed to thrive economically.

Assisting companies in achieving economic success globally by teaching them the importance of acting locally.

Providing opportunities for people, groups, companies and organizations to come together and connect in an environment that is supportive of their individual and collective purposes.

Building a culture of Health & Well-Being that allows individuals, groups, companies and ultimately communities freedom to thrive locally and globally.



Mixers—after hours’ mixers (6-8pm) will be held at different multi-use complexes throughout Sandy Springs. The Health & Well-Being members will have opportunities to build relationships with the tenants and businesses within a 1 mile radius. We will have 3-4 speakers (chosen from the Council) each night.

Dine & Develop—these mini workshops (11:30am-1pm) will be hosted throughout the city—partnered with Emory St Joseph’s—and will provide opportunities for personal and professional development. Speakers will be chosen from the Health & Well-Being Coun

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