U MEDIA Health and Wellness

A lifestyle health and wellness agency, comprising of magazines, events and apparel, that focuses on being the Complete “U”.


U Media Health and Wellness is a lifestyle health and wellness agency, comprising of magazines, events and apparel, that focuses on being the Complete “U”.
We believe the Complete “U” involves 4 pillars of well-being:

1) Physical: To obtain a healthier lifestyle that allows us to handle our regular activities without extra strain or physical stress.
2) Emotional: To understand and maintain mental stability in order to manage expected or unexpected challenges
3) Personal: To relate, connect and interact with others to create a sense of community and lasting relationships
4) Professional: To gain self-satisfaction through career opportunities and continuous training and development


Through Publications, Discussions, News and Events

U Media Health and Wellness strives to improve the lives of others. We also want to encourage and inspire our consumers to engage in progressive dialogue while building their communities.

U Media Health and Wellness is always interested in hearing from talented writers. We seek contributing writers for the following topics:

Corporate Well-Being

Professional Well-Being

Emotional Well-Being

Personal Well-Being


Physical Well-Being


Unlimited Exposure

There is no limit to how many times a reader will view your ad. We work to make sure they have something engaging and enjoyable to read, so that they will continue to see your ad. As long as the publication is in circulation, your ad will be too.

Non-Intrusive Marketing

While our readers are flipping through our beautiful pages, they are going to come across your photo quality ad. There is no unwanted interruption, like with radio and television-just another beautiful page which contains your business information.

Targeted Marketing

When you advertise with U Sandy Springs, you are gaining access to a targeted local audience. Our readers live, work, and play in the Sandy Springs community, and are exactly who you want to service and reach with your business.

Gain Trust and Credibility

The more visible your company is, the more potential clients will be able to connect with it. They will also see that you are a company with a reputation and brand that is important enough to be advertised. This means that your reputation and brand is also important enough to protect, which makes your company appear trustworthy and worthy of their business.

Interactive Digital Marketing

Our digital ads offer interactive options for connecting our readers to your business. Live links can connect clients to your social media page, website or Youtube channel in seconds.

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